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  • Prayers for the people of Zimbabwe from the diaspora

    “We pray for Zimbabwe where your people are burdened.

    We pray for hearts scourged by corruption, ravaged by violence and misled by deception.

    We believe through Jesus, who suffered, died and was buried, only to rise again,
    that the land will be replenished with its once abundant blessings,
    that people will live for good and not evil,
    and that men and women will cherish what you have bestowed upon the land,
    for only you can make the grass green and the fields crop-laden.

    The land worships you, acknowledging your presence, seeking your blessings.”

    A prayer appearing in the Methodist Church Prayer Handbook 2020/2021, contributed by Rev Juliet Ushewokunze, a Zimbabwean now serving in the U.K.

    Zimbabwe: Prayer of Solidarity

    God of power and truth,

    may your peace rest with the restless of Zimbabwe;

    may your love inspire the hearts of those who long and work for justice;

    may your healing touch the wounds of those suffering and bereaved;

    may your truth be spoken in dangerous places;

    may we not be idle in working and praying, longing and searching

    for your kingdom in this broken world.